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Finding a Mentor

It is a good idea to find someone that you look up to, either because you admire them or their work. It will help give you direction, whether you are a beginner and the more experienced artist. When looking at other artists work, you can discovery new techniques and learn new skills trying to emulate what you see. It also will prevent you from reinventing the wheel. If you are fortunate enough to find someone with a similar background to you, it can help motivate you during challenging times.

Look at an artist whose work you admire. Examine a favorite piece of their work and answer the questions below;

What about the person is something you admire?

What about their work initially drew you to them?

What emotional response does their work brings about?

What angle was the image created at?

What is the composition of the image?

Is the balance asymmetrical? Symmetrical?

What sort of lighting does the image have? How could you emulate the lighting situation?

(For photographers)

What does the depth of field look like? How do you think the f-stop was set?

What about the shutter speed?

Are there any special darkrooms techniques applied?