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Jellyroll Cane

A jellyroll cane is the easiest of all canes to produce. To do the one shown select two colors of clay and condition at least 1/4 oz of each color.


Layer the two colors and cut into a rectangle.

Put the layered rectangle through the pasta machine at a smaller setting than you conditioned it at. Here I used a #6 setting.

At one side begin gently rolling the two layers up tightly.  Make sure you do not allow any air bubbles to remain.

Continue on until you have the entire rectangle rolled up.

Allow the clay time to cool off a bit before trimming ends to prevent distortion. I like to place mine in the fridge for about 30 minutes before slicing, or leave it on my work surface and wait until the next day.

For an interesting effect roll with translucent clay and slice very thin for an embellishment.

Transparent Layer Bead