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Creating Your Own Alcohol Inks

Method One

For those who are having trouble finding or affording the alcohol- inks, here is a basic recipe to create your own.

1. Empty one package of powdered Rit dye into a small baby food jar.

2. Add rubbing alcohol to the top of the jar, and shake well. 

Or. .. Take a black film canister, fill that about 1/4 of the way with the powdered Rit dye, then fill the remainder of the canister with rubbing alcohol, and shake well. 

This recipe can tend to be a bit 'grainy', so make sure you have shaken and dissolved the powder as much as you possibly can.  If it is still grainy, many find this can be a good thing and can work for you, not against you.


Method Two (not as grainy as above)

1/2 cup isopropyl alcohol

2 tsp or more of liquid Rit Fabric Dye

Pour alcohol into bottle and add dye, shake well to mix.