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David Hockney Photography Project

David Hockney / Diane Dobson Barton (example of exercise)

British artist, David Hockney was one of the founders of British Pop Art while studying in London at the Royal College of Art. His works of the 1960's were examples of naturalism and the increased use of photography as an aid in the painting process.

His photography is known for its unique cubist stylization, created by taking the subject from many different angles and view points and combining the images in a photo collage.

Materials and Supplies

Subject to shoot

Roll of 24 exposure Color or Black and White Film (unless shooting digital)

Camera of choice


Once you have decided on the subject to shoot, load your camera and decide on correct camera settings. Step back and forth and shoot around the subject to get different perspectives and angles of the subject. The goal is to combine the images into a grid of sorts, overlapping the images with each other. You can do this with the physical prints or digitally.

Do not stand in one spot and simply shoot an object, get closer so that each frame is filled with a portion of the subject.

A very basic example is also shown on

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